Jul 20, 2014

little APPETITE update

In November 2013 we shot the teaser for my film project APPETITE, which talks about a little Being who gets eaten by a gigantic purple rabbit and travels through its digestive system looking for freedom. It's been my most long term and engaging project so far, and its taken up a lot and at times all of my artistic and orgnisational time, skills and energy. I haven't been updating any of my web presence much, although work has been puffing along in spurts, as it goes with such complicated but exciting and inspiring adventures. We are now in post production and finally starting to animate!
Below is a photo from the set of the teaser by Christian Sonntag for a taste.
There is more info about the project here appetiteproject.wordpress.com

Dec 31, 2013

And the wheel goes round again...wishing a better new year to the world...

It's been a difficult year for the world and an interesting and busy one for me as an artist. I have mostly been occupied with my work with the ongoing art and film project APPETITE. It has been a source of inspiration, transformation, some necessary grudge, experiences, meetings and learnings - and despite the difficulties, I am really pleased with the ride. In the process, a month long APPETITE art show materialized (pics here and here) in May and June, and the live action part of the teaser was shot in November, and currently the animation and post production are slowly picking up pace. Well, after the holidays they will be ;) Of course, taking part in the wonderful Freerotation Festival was a highlight as always.
With gratitude for everything, wishing everyone in the world to feel more happy in the new year, whatever happiness may mean. And I do hope we awaken en masse to help the healing of our wounded planet.
image from an old sketchbook, Yagama 2000

Aug 1, 2013

Freerotation Festival 2013

For the  4th year in a row I have had the pleasure and honor of taking part in what is probably the best - and definitely my favorite - underground electronic music festival around: FREEROTATION! Amazing music, beautiful people, and a lovely vibe. I played live video with a lot of great musicians, including Aybee and Magic Mountain High. Below are some stills from a couple of my sets. Thank you, Freerotation family!!!

here and below: stills from my vj set with Magic Mountain High and the FR surprise live on 14.07.2013

here and below: stills from my set with Aybee, 13.07.2013

Jun 23, 2013

Appetite performance and exhibition photos

On June 7th the APPETITE exhibition at Porcelaingres Berlin came to an end with a pleasant finissage. The goal of the exhibition was  to raise money for the film project by the same name. There were paintings, photos, sketches and collages by Yagama as well as a "Stomach" installation made by Yagama and Eva Garland, props by Michi Ukawa. Here are some photos from the opening, the guided tours and the finissage. 
More photos and info on the APPETITE film project blog
Join us on https://www.facebook.com/appetiteproject.

“Appetite” improvisational performance on May 3, 2013 at Porcelaingres Berlin with the cast of the film: Ada Kowalewski, Dita Scholl, Lynn Femme, Stephen Patrick Hannah, Tomer Dotan, Set by Yagama and Eva Garland, Props by Michi Ukawa, costumes by Odile Hautemulle, directed by Yagama. Photo by Dean Zagorchinov

“Appetite” improvisational performance on May 3, 2013 at Porcelaingres Berlin with the cast of the film: Ada Kowalewski, Dita Scholl, Lynn Femme, Stephen Patrick Hannah, Tomer Dotan, Set by Yagama and Eva Garland, Props by Michi Ukawa, costumes by Odile Hautemulle, directed by Yagama. Photo by Yagama

Performance by Grapeshade Sowieso at the APPETITE opening on May 3, 2013

Yagama with her "Rabbit on a Platter" painting at the exhibition opening May 3, 2013

"Stomach" installation made by Yagama and Eva Garland, props by Michi Ukawa: Intestine Floor DETAIL
Cannibalism photo series by Yagama

Overview of the Porcelaingres gallery space with the exhibition

Yagama and the emblematic "Rabbit Eats Being 2" painting

Yagama doing an exhibition guided tour on May 16th

Guided tour during the Finissage on June 7th
A view of the gallery

"Stomach" installation made by Yagama and Eva Garland, props by Michi Ukawa, art direction/concept by Yagama

Apr 14, 2013

For the past two years I have been working on developing an art and film project called APPETITE. I was motivated by observing the insatiable desire that motivates human beings from the start to the end of life and the effect this is having on our planet, and inspired by the metaphor of eating and cannibalism.  I wanted to make a project that incorporates all my artistic skills and interests into a complete world and story and film seemed like the logical medium. Thus the idea for “APPETITE” was born. It is a film and art project, consisting of a short film, an art exhibition, and a live cinema piece. The project incorporates animation and film into a multi-narrative story of a funny, grotesque and philosophical journey through the belly of the beast and it’s inhabitants. 
I have not posted anything about it here because it was - and still is - in preparation and development. I am happy to announce that the first Appetite exhibition is coming up and there will be an exciting opening event featuring performances by artists in the project.
APPETITE exhibition OPENING on May 3rd 2013, starting at 19.00 at Porcelaingres, Mehringdamm 55 / Sarotti Höfe, 10961 Berlin
with performances by artists taking part in the film:
- "Appetite" improvisational performance with the cast of the film: Ada Kowalewski, Dita Scholl, Lynn Femme, Stephen Patrick Hannah, Tomer Dotan  in the roles of the Journalist, the Queen, the Servant, the General and the Banker, respectively. Set by Michi Ukawa and Eva Garland,  costumes by Odile Hautemulle,

Grapeshade  - improvisational music and dance performance group with the film's violinist Biliana Voutchkova, Katharina Meves (dance), Ingo Reulecke (dance), Klaus Janek  (double bass and electronics) 
- Vataff Project - deep ambient set - music by our sound designer Viktor Marinov.
This is a fundraising exhibition towards to production of the actual film. 
It is on May 3rd -June 7th 2013
And here is the lovely flyer/poster by Nad Graphics.

Feb 8, 2013

"Treasure" : Last video for "Exquisite What?" project

Last year I was invited to participate in the the collaborative web based project "Exquisite What?" I have already created 2 videos for it in the past year. Here is the last video for the project, once more featuring gorgeous Milka Ivanova and created entirely by me. Shot on one of the last sunny November 2012 days, edited at the end of December 2012.
Video by Yagama featuring Milka Ivanova
Music by Alessio Ballerini

Jan 10, 2013

Happy new year! :)

Happy new year! May love bloom in the world!
A video from a Fire Connection performance at a wedding with  Milka Ivanova and me.

Nov 25, 2012

Nomads @ Zebra Poetry Film Fest

Between 18 and 21 October, 2012, the biggest poetry film festival, called "Zebra," took place in Berlin. Apparently they had many hundresds of application, and my video "Nomads" was selected to be shown as part of the "Excursions" Program, screened on the 19th and 20th in Kino Babylon-Mitte. It was a honor for me to have my work screened alongside some really good films, especially considering this video poem is only a "sketch" for my future live a/v poetry project. 

Oct 19, 2012

FreeRotation Tenerife!!!

In the beginning of October 2012, I had the honor of being invited to perform at the first FreeRotation Tenerife festival in... well, warm and sunny Tenerife :)) It was a bit rainy as a matter of fact, but this volcanic island gave me and my FR friends a wealth of nice warm memories. It was an awesome party despite the inevitable difficulties that come with doing it for the first time. Thanks you dear Fernando, Em, Suzybee and Steevio and everyone else! I love you!
Below some photos and videos from my 2 quite different sets - with awesome Tom Ellis and my personal brain-twisting favourite, Shackleton. Thanks to Suzybee for the photos!

Tom Ellis in action

Nice dancer

Yours truly - Yagama in action

Sam Shackleton doing his thing


And some videos from my set with Tom Ellis below:

Sep 26, 2012

For a while, I have been a great admirer of sand art and wanted to experiment with sand myself. Creating the music video for the track "Liquid Meditations" by Dubdiver gave me just that opportunity! 
Special thanks to my friends for helping me in the process. 
Track released on Blue Flame records, 2012

Aug 7, 2012

The Journey

"The Journey", oil on canvas c. 30 x 20 cm., 2011
Usually, I don't paint landscapes nor do I frame my paintings. But this painting is different, because it is inspired by a place on the island of Thassos, which me and my family love. Another thing that makes this painting special is that it was a present for a special person - my father. The boat is sort of between journeys, the end of one is the beginning of another.

Jun 6, 2012

New video for the Exquisite What! web based project

My new video for the Exquisite What! web project, called "The Letter." With Milka Ivanova.

sound chapter by Enrico Coniglio. Camera, direction and edit by me.
Exquisite What! is a growing collective web project, where different sound and video artists compose a puzzle of music and images. The mozaic will be mixed and released on DVD and perhaps presented as an installation.

Apr 26, 2012

In the steps of the he-goat...

This is a crop of the "In the Steps of the He-goat," which I painted in spring 2009. It's based on one of a series of collages from a a children's book which I remixed and renamed into "Life after death with our country friends" and revolves around animal and sexuality themes. The plan is to turn all the collages into paintings. 
The idea of this painting is that the male goat has passed through the fields, and in his steps those purple penisoid mushrooms have grown... so our protagonist is looking for him ... The full painting photo is in the painting section, but details from the background are better visible here.

Apr 15, 2012


A stylised bloom I painted in 2007, owned by a couple in Bulgaria. I love the bloomtime!

Mar 12, 2012

Baba Marta

March has come and spring is on its way. According to Bulgarian traditions, this is the "woman's month." It is also the month when the popular tradition of the martenitsa is carried out - interwoven red and white adornments that people give to each other for good luck and health. When one sees a stork or a tree in bloom, one takes the martenitsa off and hangs it on a tree. It is one of my favorite rituals.

This is a 2001 sketch for a painting entitled "March" (in the painting section). You can see the martenitsa in the head of the tree-like figure, and she is holding a small blooming tree in her hands.

More info on the martenitsa http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martenitsa

Feb 17, 2012

Black is Black, White is White?

The world is not black and white ... or is it?
Recently I finished the "Black is Black, White is White?" music video, set to the track by the same name by Elbee Bad on Voodo Trax records.
It took me a while to complete, but here it is!

Stills below...

About me

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Yagama is an artist originally from Bulgaria who works in a variety of media-poetry, painting, installations, performance, video art, and most recently film. She has performed and collaborated on artwork in over 13 countries around the world. Her interest lies in creating multilevelled transformational work, inspired by folklore and ritual, personal experience,mythology, and, lately, social issues. Through experience with multiple artistic media, she hopes to create environments and stories that affect all senses, transcending the traditional division of the arts. Moving towards time based media and particularly working on film is a logical step in this direction. As founder and artist of the Uga Buga Art Collective, Yagama carried out a number of art projects, including the creation a plant labyrinth in Geo Milev park in Sofia, many installations and fire performances. She started working with video in 2007 and has taken part in many international and Bulgarian festivals as a live video performer, and co-created a Bulgarian Culture Fund award-winning theatre performance "KaroL:Lorak" She is a member of Bitches on Bikes band, and the Fire Connection Berlin group.